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Below are just a few samples of Dr. Elaine’s television and radio features and written publications. She is particularly proud of her appearances on Fox News and The Learning Channel (TLC).

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Television Appearances

Radio Appearances



“3 Ways to Build Kids’ Confidence and See More Joy in Them,” Working Mother

“Recognizing Learning Differences and Helping Children Build on Strengths and Interests,” Mom Enough

“When Bright Kids Can’t Learn: Strategies to Build Confidence and Joy,” CEO Kids

“Living Under Threat of Terror Has Caused a Numbing Down of America,” New York Daily News

“Love Him or Hate Him, but Donald Trump’s Kids Turned Out Right,” New York Daily News

“What Does it Take to Create a Neurodiverse Workplace?”

“7 Strategies to Help Your Child Become Less Stressed,” Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

“No Matter Your Opinion of Hillary Clinton, she has Chelsea’s Love,” Age Times

“Raising Calm, Inspired and Successful Children,” Prince William Living

“4 Tips for Helping Your Children Disconnect from the Electronic World,” Real Times Media

“7 Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired and Successful Children,” Sprinkles Magazine

“Blame Olympic Swimmers’ Immaturity on Underdeveloped Brains,” New York Daily News

“How to Unplug Your Kids From Technology Overload,” By Irene Maher, Tampa Bay Times

“The Benefits of Baby Massage,” By Nancy Gottesman,

Parenting in Los Angeles,

“Champion Profile: Elaine Fogel Schneider Teaches Parents to Use Touch to Help Children Develop,”

“7 Teaching Strategies to Consider for Your ECE Classroom,” By Megan

“Is TV Harming Your Kids?,”

“3 Ways to Break the Communication Barrier with Your Baby,” by Everyday Family,

“Infant Massage,”

 “Does Your Child’s Preschool Utilize a Speech Pathologist?”

“Parents Who Learn Infant Massage Help Baby Thrive,” Hands on Health

“How to Soothe a Distressed Baby,” Practical Parenting

“Non-Verbal Communication Between a Mother & a Newborn Baby,” by Kathryn Hatter, Global Post

“How Parents Show Infants Trust,” by Amy Pearson,

“Harmony with Baby Massage,”

“Why I Won’t Apologize for My Child,” by Michelle Maffei,

Other Media Mentions