about Dr. Elaine

I was fortunate to have Dr. Schneider as a professor for two classes, Fluency disorders and research methods. In both classes she exhibited great teaching skills, empathy, and compassion for her students. As a male who stutters I had the opportunity to express my personal experiences to her and the fluency class. In that class I was able to learn not only about stuttering, but about myself and my stuttering habits. For the past year, Dr. Schneider allows me and two other gentlemen who stutter to share our personal experiences to her fluency classes. Which is great because Professor Schneider is doing great work by providing her classes with authentic experiences of people who stutter.”

Anonymous, Student

“Dr. Schneider is an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable individual that uses her knowledge to teach a new generation of aspiring SLPs. She has an amazing ability to foster an open and safe environment conducive to vulnerable and honest discussions about communication disorders. Being in her class allowed me express how it was living as a person who stutters for the first time and set me on the path I find myself on now. It will always be an experience I hold dear and near to my heart.”

T, Student


about Dr. Elaine

“Thank you for what you do. I am different because of you and will be able to share your love and caring with parents of infants and young children. I love your use of ABC’s in AWE to help remember the basics of your TouchTime™ Infant Massage program, and your 4 Pillars of CARE. Thanks for highlighting that touch is not a frill it is a necessity!”

CF, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“We appreciate you so much. Our teens are so fortunate to have you. They are so unprepared to be parents. If they can take in just a little bit of what you say and demonstrate, it will help them in their big responsibility of becoming parents. The time you took from your busy schedule was very much appreciated.
Thank you so much.”

Dr. Chris Cambridge
Kaiser Permanente

“Your openness and willingness to share your expertise with me as a young teacher has brought me greater understanding of my own teaching and ways to become better and better while bringing me so much joy and confidence to my own teaching.”

HE, Head Start Teacher

I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent mentoring me. I learned so much from you and will always remember your generosity.”


“How do you do what you do? I always love seeking out your workshops because I know I will learn something new, and in a way that it will stick. Certainly, your session is not dull. You provide so much enthusiasm and passion and provide such great exercises that I can use when I get back to work.”

FF, Family Therapist

“Dear Dr. Schneider:
Every time I say this was your best lecture. This was your best lecture! You have the audience
figured out! We truly appreciate your willingness to come here to donate your time. Thank you
from the entire staff.”

TV, RNP and Sheryl Higgins, RNP
Kaiser Permanente

“By following your 7 Strategies and applying them in my own classroom, I’ve become a master of my craft, and am able to stay calm and teach in a calm and intentional way. A huge thank you for all that you do, making my job easier and my class happier.”

AM, Preschool Special Education Teacher

“Thank you for always brightening my day. I loved your presentation and will look differently at the parent-child bond now, looking through it through the eyes of a child. I am so glad it is never too late to relate, as you say, because I have a lot of touching to do to return to my core and the core of my family.”

SP, Director of Massage Therapy School

“Keep going, Dr. E! You are a powerhouse and Mighty Mouse does not explain who you are really. I am so blessed to know you and continue to do the great work you are doing.”

AF, Certified Speech/Language Pathologist

“I know you know how empowering it is to be a joyful, cheerful person in this life. So many
people have such difficulties to deal with- we search out those who will listen and positively
find a solution.
You have been such a blessing to the “H” family. Every time I see Riley stepping out in
confidence to do something new, I ask God to bless you and your valuable work with her and so
many others.”

Sharon H., Lancaster, CA (Riley’s Grandmother)

“No one can take the audience from the place it started from and turn them into an adventurous journey of happiness, enthusiasm, entertainment and understanding about the topics you explore with them. You are so wise, and your topics are many: breathing and mindfulness, affirmations, laughter, music and movement, touch communication, massage, confidence and joy for kids with learning differences, and how to provide change for kids using technology. You are the masterpiece of motion and flow. You have given me so much and now I can bring that to others.”

CRM, Professor, Sacramento State University, CA

“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I can’t believe we have known each
other for 6 years. You have been there for everything. I miss having our weekly sessions so
much! You’re always on my mind. It was hard for me to do our last session. I was crying for like
a half an hour or so. I’m crying even writing this letter. You’re more than a friend, you’re family!
You have made a big impact on me. You have shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind
to. I have enjoyed our time together and our time together is not over, because you will always
be in my heart. I love you very much. Hope to see you soon.”

Riley H., Lancaster, CA

“We just wanted you to know how much we still think about you. You are never far from
Allison’s stories or memories. She has been working on finding just the right “art” for you. Allison is enjoying school and her teacher says she is doing great. What a different picture that is from the little girl who started in your early intervention program who couldn’t say one word
at all. I remember you going to our home and going to the refrigerator with Allison and tempting her to use “her words” when she would rather grunt or point. You are a miracle worker and we bless you each and every day.”

Tricia and Allison

“I was moved by your passion and your enthusiasm. You bring everything to life, and I loved the exercises you presented so I can bring them back to my own therapy sessions on Monday morning.”

Dr. FC, Los Angeles Unified School District

“Today is my birthday. I decided to give myself a present. I’m sitting her listening to the Bengali
lullaby. It is beautiful. The drum table is haunting. I feel it so deeply. It is so generous of you to
share the CD and your book Massaging Your Baby – The Joy of TouchTime®. I flipped it open and
it went right to D=Dear Heart. No coincidence. It is a lovely book. I am on the lookout for a baby
and parent to share it with. I’m involved with Chicago’s Fussy Baby Network and I intend to
share it with them. I look forward to having our paths cross again.”

Victor Bernstein, Ph.D.
University of Chicago Social Services Administration

“There is no one on this planet who has as much passion and love as you do. Thank you for your vision. Thank you for changing lives. “

DH, Coordinator, Special Education Local Planning Area

“You’re changing lives and I am so glad that you have changed mine.”

MJF, Early Interventionist, Home Visitor