No matter how prepared you think you are to welcome a child into your life, there will always be hidden challenges that pop up.

As a mother and a childcare professional, I know that from experience.

Discovering that a child has been born with, or will develop, a condition that could alter their entire life can be shattering to a family or caregiver. Trying to navigate those challenges can be extraordinarily isolating, even if you are doing it with the support of family and friends. Yes, you would do anything for your child and want what’s best for them, but you might not know the best way to walk the path now ahead of you.

Believe me, I understand. I’ve been working with children with special needs and learning differences for over thirty years. Having a child who doesn’t fit in with other children can be frustrating and heartbreaking. I’ve seen their struggles firsthand, but I’ve also seen them, and their caregivers, come out the other side stronger than ever. If you’re feeling trapped or panicked by your situation, let me be your coach.

Let me assist you with finding the support to help navigate your child’s challenges, whether they be communication disorders or other learning differences. Allow me to offer you nurturing guidance, proven strategies, an ability to listen with compassion, and my seasoned experience to help brainstorm solutions to your issues. Together, we can move you and your child from a challenging place to a place of strength and power. You can go from feeling fearful and hurt to feeling fearless and strong. It’s time to become a caregiver who can solve your child-raising issues intentionally, rather than just manage them. Allow me to assist you in becoming the parent you have always wanted to be!

I offer:

  • A free twenty-minute consultation
  • Face-to-face individual and family coaching in Southern California
  • Coaching worldwide online