We are very excited to have you with us.  At no time before in history have we had the advantage of science showing us the valuable benefits and importance of touch and the destruction of human survival without it! The importance of our relationships are so vital, it contributes greatly to how our children learn about respect, compassion and tolerance. By integrating massage and touch into your daily life with your baby, you will be giving your baby a gift of a secure attachment right from the beginning of your relationship, fostering your baby’s health, happiness and serenity. The relationships you develop with your children are the first relationships they will have. Fostering a meaningful relationship will set the foundation and strengthen not only the bond between you and your child, but give them the tools needed to develop and maintain health relationships in the future.


As caregivers, it’s both our duty and our passion to improve the lives of others. As a message of gratitude, we should each live our richest, fullest life- one of purpose and service- and help others to do the same. At TouchTime, it is our mission to promote health, emotional security and relationships that last a lifetime.

TouchTime™ is aimed at Growing healthy relationships…one touch at a time. The TouchTime™ trainings provided by Dr. Elaine have met the varied needs of healthcare educators, teachers, home visitors, early interventionists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, parents, caregivers, and other childcare providers.

Participants leave the trainings remarking how much they have changed because of the way that Dr. Elaine provides guidance and nurturance to them, giving them the opportunity to experience stress-free moments in their usual hectic daily living pace.

Our methodology has been shown to:
  • enhance communication
  • reduce stress
  • promote healing
  • strengthen bonds
  • improve sleep patterns
  • increase the overall sense of well-being, both individually and collectively

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Baby Massage Basics APP

iPhone and iPad Application

This free iPhone and iPad application explains about the TouchTime® strategies as you engage in the ABC’s in AWE – Attune – Breathe – Communicate in Acknowledgment – Wonderment – and Enjoyment!.

Let Dr. Elaine show you the various strokes of TouchTime® Infant Massage at your own fingertips. Carry the strokes, and the information with you wherever you go to make sure you follow the important information about where, when, and how to offer your Baby TouchTime® massage, get permission and enjoy!