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Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider is an international trainer for parents, health care providers, teachers, universities, hospitals, special education local planning areas, corporations, agencies, places of worship, and schools, including Massage Schools.

She has many different types of workshops that she tailors to meet individual needs.

Dr. Schneider is enthusiastic and dynamic in her training approach that has the audience clamoring for more.

What do parents and/or professionals who have attended Dr. Schneider’s training say about Dr. Schneider? Read the testimonials on the Parenting Pointers’ page and the Speak Up For Our Professional Community page.

Dr. Schneider provides trainings for half-day, full-day, two-day or three-day programs in:

  • 3-Day Certified Infant TouchTime® Instruction towards the Certificate Program
  • Training for the Infant TouchTime® Trainer, individualized according to background
  • Half-Day Recertification via Teleconferencing
  • Half-Day Course about Preemie TouchTime® Care
  • Full-Day Toddler TouchTimeâ
  • GetREAL Nowâ (Get Ready Everyone and Learn Now) Workshops Half-day; Full Day-6 hour; or Two-Day program with latest Amazon Best-Seller, 7 Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful Children, Crescendo Press, 2016.
  • Full-Day, Half-Day course about Best Parenting Practices using TouchTime® Somatosensory Principles
  • Child Growth and Development Strategies including Early Communication, Family Dynamics, Mindfulness and Behavior
  • Early Intervention, Strategies, Partnering, Better Student Outcomes – Half-day; Full-Day – 6 hour
  • ETC program – Early TouchTime® Communication Program- Communication for Infants & Toddlers and their Parents– Half Day or Full Day training
  • ACT – Active Communication Therapy – Principles to Include Movement with Speech –Full Day, Half-Day Program


Other trainings are tailored made to your specific needs. Dr. Schneider prides herself with being fully creative to ensure that you will be happy and inspired with her training, and go home with new tools, and with an ability to benefit from Dr. Schneider’s fun approach to learning, for remember when you are in a quiet alert state, you are more apt to be focused and learn. Dr. Schneider brings laughter into serious discussions. She is also proud to be an American and to able to keep an opening for students and others to be the best that he/she can possibly be.

Dr. Schneider’s trainings span the areas of child development and well-being including Evidence Based practices about Brain Plasticity, Touch, Communication Strategies, Early Intervention, Parenting, and TouchTime® Somatosensory Growth and Development,

For more information about Dr. Elaine’s training programs, click here to contact her today.

Gifts, and personalized signed books can be provided at your trainings.


Upcoming Trainings and Events:

June 14, 2017 – LA Unified School District – 2nd largest school district in the country-GetREALNow® 7 Strategies for Successful Speech and Language Therapy Sessions – Half-Day Training for possibly 500 SLPs and SLPAs


June 22, 2017 – Del Rey, Florida – Training to local group of aestheticians about the benefits of TouchTime® Infant Massage – Half-Day training


August, 2017 – San Bernardino, CA, 3 Day TouchTime® Infant Massage Training and Train the Trainer Opportunities, pending


September, 2017 – Antelope Valley Partners for Health, – Preemie TouchTime® Half-Day Training and Half-Day Refresher Course TBA


November, 9, 2017International Interprofessional Collaboration: The Benefits of Global Networking. Short Course for the American Speech Language and Hearing Annual Convention – Invited guest speaker with co-presenters Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain and Beryl Fogel.